Webhook Setup

Receive event notifications with webhooks

You can setup webhooks to listen for events on your account so your integration can automatically trigger reactions.

OpenPayd uses webhooks to notify your application when an event happens in your account. Webhooks are particularly useful for asynchronous events like when an account receives a pay-in or a transaction is completed.

To use webhooks with your OpenPayd integration:

  1. Create a webhook endpoint on your server.
  2. Configure the endpoint and events with OpenPayd.
  3. Simulate an event to test your webhook endpoint.
  4. Implement validation of webhook signatures (Optional)

Configure Webhooks on Dashboard

You can easily configure webhooks on the Webhooks page on your Dashboard.

You can receive webhooks for the following events:

Webhook Retry Logic

To acknowledge receipt of an event, your endpoint must return a 2xx HTTP status code to OpenPayd. All response codes outside this range, including 3xx codes, indicate to OpenPayd that you did not receive the event.

If an event is not acknowledged by returning a 2xx HTTP status code to OpenPayd, we will retry the webhook for up to 24 hours with an exponential back off.