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Transaction Status Updated Webhook

The transaction status updated webhook can be setup to receive events when the status of a transaction is updated.

Transaction Types

The transaction status webhook can be setup for the following transaction types.

  1. PAYIN - Payins received into an OpenPayd account
  2. PAYOUT - Payouts made from an OpenPayd account to an external bank account
  3. TRANSFER - Transfers between two OpenPayd accounts
  4. EXCHANGE - Exchange between two OpenPayd accounts in different currencies
  5. RETURN_IN - Returned Payouts due to being rejected by the beneficiary bank
  6. RETURN_OUT - Payins returned to sender from your account as a result of a Recall from the sender bank
  7. FEE - Fees applied as a separate transaction instead of being deducted in line from another transaction

Transaction Statuses

Events can be setup for one or multiple statuses from the following:

  1. PROCESSING - The transaction is being processed by OpenPayd and regulatory checks are being performed before it can be accepted from or submitted to the banking provider.
  2. RELEASED - The transaction has been successfully submitted to the banking / FX provider for processing.
  3. COMPLETED - The transaction has been successfully processed by OpenPayd (PAYIN) or the banking provider (PAYOUT, EXCHANGE).
  4. FAILED - The transaction was failed by OpenPayd or the banking provider.
  5. CANCELLED - The transaction was cancelled by the user before it was completed.

Webhook Payload

The webhook payload contains the full transaction object.

\n  \"type\" : \"PAYOUT\",
\n  \"id\" : \"czNBOVJsZ0RRandtS3JXVEZ2ZVpoUT09\",
\n  \"shortId\" : \"20201117-QRRZOL\",
\n  \"accountId\" : \"U2t1Q2IxUUxYS0ttMVhRKzBBdVF0dz09\",
\n  \"createdDate\" : \"2020-11-17T14:43:53.252Z\",
\n  \"updatedDate\" : \"2020-11-17T14:44:00.190Z\",
\n  \"transactionId\" : \"66785699-4d1e-4295-acda-b41370713b05\",
\n  \"transactionCategory\" : \"OTHER\",
\n  \"paymentType\" : \"CHAPS\",
\n  \"status\" : \"COMPLETED\",
\n  \"accountHolderId\" : \"b70af316-92d4-4621-b395-ea933cd4ac9d\",
\n  \"sourceInfo\" : {
    \n    \"type\" : \"ACCOUNT\",
  \n    \"identifier\" : \"aFVYVmgxcVpTR1JvVWZPOVhFb3BtZz09\",
    \n    \"internalAccountId\" : \"GBP10874129900470\"
  \n  },
\n  \"destinationInfo\" : {
    \n    \"type\" : \"BANK\",
  \n    \"identifier\" : \"b4c84535-54b2-4f24-8dca-c31afd6e49ce\"
  \n  },
\n  \"source\" : null,
\n  \"destination\" : \"b4c84535-54b2-4f24-8dca-c31afd6e49ce\",
\n  \"fxRate\" : null,
\n  \"midMarketRate\" : null,
\n  \"fixedSide\" : null,
\n  \"totalAmount\" : {
    \n    \"value\" : -32.34,
  \n    \"currency\" : \"GBP\"
  \n  },
\n  \"amount\" : {
    \n    \"value\" : -20.00,
  \n    \"currency\" : \"GBP\"
  \n  },
\n  \"buyAmount\" : null,
\n  \"fee\" : {
    \n    \"value\" : -12.34,
  \n    \"currency\" : \"GBP\"
  \n  },
\n  \"runningBalance\" : {
    \n    \"value\" : 4745.19,
  \n    \"currency\" : \"GBP\"
  \n  },
\n  \"failureReason\" : null,
\n  \"comment\" : \"PAYOUT COMPLETED\",
\n  \"transactionReference\" : null,
\n  \"referenceAmount\" : null,
\n  \"createdBy\" : \"6ea42e7b-00da-4a7a-aeff-3b92bd0e36a5\",
\n  \"checkedBy\" : null,
\n  \"checkedDate\" : null,
\n  \"originalTransactionId\" : null

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Transaction Status Updated Webhook

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