SEPA Instant Payments

SEPA Instant payments can only be made to IBANs that are SEPA Instant enabled by the Beneficiary Bank.

On Production, if you try to create a new Bank Beneficiary with paymentTypes = ["SEPA_INSTANT"], but IBAN is not SPEA Instant enabled, you will get the following error.

    "message": "Iban is not enabled for SEPA Instant"

Note that you can still create the beneficiary with paymentType = SEPA in this case.

On sandbox, any IBAN you use will automatically be 'assumed' to be SPEA Instant enabled. However, the above error can be simulated on Sandbox by creating a bank beneficiary with the following request body:

    "beneficiaryType": "RETAIL",
    "bankAccountCountry": "LT",
    "bankAccountCurrency": "EUR",    
    "bankAccountHolderName": "Boris Johnson",    
    "paymentTypes": ["SEPA_INSTANT"],
    "iban": "LT831987090010000001",
    "bic": "SEOUGB21"