Pay-in Completed Webhook

The pay-in completed event will be sent when a deposit is successfully credited into an account.

Webhook Payload

The webhook payload contains the full details of a pay-in that was received.

  \n  \"id\": \"N3hsZ2Q3WHV2Mm5VLzFDV3JnMmtoQT09\",
  \n  \"type\": \"PAYIN\",
  \n  \"transactionId\": \"bbabf8e6-475f-469c-b440-e859e2551ed5\",
  \n  \"status\": \"Completed\",
  \n  \"internalAccountId\": \"EUR10172739387826\",
  \n  \"paymentType\": \"FASTER_PAYMENTS\",
  \n  \"senderBic\": \"BUKBGB22\",
  \n  \"senderAccountNumber\": \"32599867\",
  \n  \"senderRoutingCodes\":[
       \n  \"routingCodeKey\":\"SORT_CODE\",
       \n  \"routingCodeValue\":\"040510\"
  \n  \"senderIban\": \"GB29NWBK60161331926819\",
  \n  \"senderName\": \"John Doe\",
  \n  \"senderAddress\": \"10 Downing Street, London\",
  \n  \"senderInformation\": \"Test\",
  \n  \"amount\": {
                   \n  \"currency\": \"EUR\",
                   \n  \"value\":\"150.00\"\n  
  \n  \"transactionDateTime\": \"2019-05-03T11:30:12.941\",
  \n  \"transactionReference\": \"Gift\",
  \n  \"failureReason\": null,
  \n  \"beneficiaryAccountHolderName\": \"Jason Doe\",
  \n  \"accountHolderId\" : \"cb2f83f1-131e-4494-9e51-eb1b9641b0b1\"\n

Mitigation Against Authorised Push Payment Fraud

For GBP payins via Faster Payments, the beneficiaryAccountHolderName field will contain the beneficiary name as provided by the sender. This can be used to check against your account holder name to determine if the payin is a potential push payment fraud. For all other currencies and payment types, the field will be null.