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Account Status Updated Webhook

The account status updated webhook can be setup to receive events when the status of an account is updated.

Account Statuses

  1. PENDING - The account is being created and account details (IBAN, Account number etc.) are in the process of being assigned to the account.
  2. ACTIVE - The account has been created as account details (IBAN, Account number etc.) have been assigned. The account can be used to make transactions.
  3. FAILED - There was an issue with the account creation.
  4. SUSPENDED - The account is temporarily suspended by OpenPayd and cannot be used to transact until it is Active again.
  5. CLOSED - The account has been closed permanently and cannot be used to transact.

Webhook Payload

The webhook payload contains all the bank details of the account including the new status of the updated account. If the status is not 'ACTIVE', bank details fields will be returned as null.

  \n  \"status\" : \"ACTIVE\",
  \n  \"currency\" : \"EUR\",
  \n  \"accountId\" : \"NFE5Y2g5eXVtRmFwSTZuaDdQWExSQT09\",
  \n  \"internalAccountId\" : \"EUR14657939675470\",
  \n  \"iban\" : \"NL39RABO2503801668\",
  \n  \"bankCountry\" : \"LT\",
  \n  \"bankAddress\" : \"Gedimino pr. 6, LT-01103 Vilnius\",
  \n  \"bic\" : \"SEOUGB21\",  
  \n  \"bankName\" : \"Bank of Lithuania\",
  \n  \"bankAccountHolderName\" : \"Koray\",
  \n  \"accountNumber\" : \"1234516\",
  \n  \"routingCodes\" : null,
  \n  \"accountHolderId\" : \"cb2f83f1-131e-4494-9e51-eb1b9641b0b1\",
  \n  \"payInReference\" : \"A11638158-1PPWYKP020\"\n

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Account Status Updated Webhook

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