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while using API's getting ACCOUNT_HOLDER_ACCESS_DENIED and ACCESS_DENIED exceptions

I am trying to use API's but I am getting below exceptions. { "errorCode": "ACCESS_DENIED", "message": "You do not have the permissions to complete this request." } { "errorCode": "ACCOUNT_HOLDER_ACCESS_DENIED", "message": "Access is denied" }

While calling get/create account call in sand box , I got error message like invalid data found.

While calling get/create account call in sand box , I faced one error message that is Invalid data found , where as I already gave proper Id as query string in URL. The same issue I faced while creating account also. Can you please suggest me how can I resolve this issue. Thank you!

Cannot create bank beneficiary in Sandbox: Iban is not enabled for SEPA Instant

Hi, I'm exploring OpenPay API for the last couple of days. I'm using Sandbox endpoints currently. I'm able to create accounts, pay-in funds, create parent beneficiaries. However, I'm not able to create bank beneficiaries (using `/api/beneficiaries/<parentBeneficiaryId>/bank-beneficiaries`) and I'm getting an error saying *"Iban is not enabled for SEPA Instant"*. I don't know how to make it work in the Sandbox. Here is the request: ``` { "bankAccountCurrency": "EUR", "paymentTypes": [ "SEPA_INSTANT" ], "beneficiaryType": "RETAIL", "beneficiaryCountry": "LT", "bankAccountCountry": "LT", "bankAccountType": "Savings", "accountNumber": "90010050173", "iban": "LT441987090010050173", "bic": "SEOUGB21", "beneficiaryFirstName": "Manna", "beneficiaryLastName": "Da", "bankAccountHolderName": "MIMO" } ``` I searched for the relevant information on the docs... and I found this page: https://apidocs.openpayd.com/docs/sepa-instant-payments .. but it's not very helpful. On the contrary, it seems quite confusing and perhaps contradictory too, especially in the following text. On one hand, it says, on Sandbox, any IBAN is assumed to be SEPA INSTANT enabled, and on the other hand, it says the given params would fail to create a beneficiary, without saying what changes do I need to make in the following params to make it work. I tried changing the params, but it does not help at all. It seems all params would fail. ``` On sandbox, any IBAN you use will automatically be 'assumed' to be SPEA Instant enabled. However, the above error can be simulated on Sandbox by creating a bank beneficiary with the following request body: Create Bank Beneficiary { "beneficiaryType": "RETAIL", "bankAccountCountry": "LT", "bankAccountCurrency": "EUR", "bankAccountHolderName": "Boris Johnson", "paymentTypes": ["SEPA_INSTANT"], "iban": "LT831987090010000001", "bic": "SEOUGB21" } ``` Please guide me as to how do I create a beneficiary in Sandbox. My objective is: - Create two bank accounts X and Y. - Add one account X as a beneficiary to the other account Y. - And then send funds from the other account Y to its beneficiary i.e X. I have two accounts already. Now I'm stuck on the second step. Hope your guidance would help to find a solution.

Payment type

Is there any way to detect `paymentType` for pay-in transaction? 1) in `pay-in Completed Webhook` there is no such field 2) `https://sandbox.openpayd.com/api/transactions/id` https://apidocs.openpayd.com/reference#get-transaction-by-id returns `"paymentType": null`

Pay in review

How to simulate `pay in processing` event/webhook?

how to add balance to new account ?

how to add balance to new account ?