11th August 2021

  • Scheduled Payments - You can now create a future dated payout by populating the paymentDate field on the Create Payout request. Future dated payouts will be released on the paymentDate and can be cancelled before the paymentDate via the Update Transaction endpoint.
  • Linked Client names can now be updated via the Update Linked Client endpoint.
  • paymentType can now be provided on Simulate pay-in completed webhook requests.

1st July 2021

  • The paymentType field is now available on all Payin related webhooks and transaction requests.

21st June 2021

  • You can now filter by balance on List Accounts and List Linked Client Accounts endpoints.
  • A new RETURN_OUT transaction type has been added which is used for payins returned to sender from your account as a result of a Recall from the sender bank.

9th June 2021

  • A new endpoint has been added to allow you to List Pay-in Review Transactions so that you can get all payin transactions that are awaiting your review in case you fail the process the initial webhook.

28th May 2021

8th April 2021

  • The id param on the Get Account endpoint now also accepts the internalAccountId on an Account.
  • The accountId param on the List Transactions endpoint now also accepts the internalAccountId on an Account.
  • The Review Pay-in Transaction endpoint now supports the metadata param for sending structured information.

24th March 2021

13th January 2021

  • A beneficiaryAccountHolderName param has been added to the Pay-in Completed and Pay-in Review webhooks. For GBP payins via Faster Payments, the field will contain the beneficiary name as provided by the sender. This can be used to check against your account holder name to determine if the payin is a potential push payment fraud.
  • The id param in the Get Transaction can now accept the transactionId (UUID) or the id (encrypted id) of a transaction.
  • The swfitCode field on the Account Status Updated Webhook has been replaced with bic.
  • The Update Account endpoint can now be used to updated the status of an Account to CLOSED. This will permanently close an Account.

30th November 2020

  • A new Payout Reason Codes endpoint is available for getting required reason codes for a given paymentType.
  • A new FEE transaction type is available. Fees that are charged separately to the transaction or on an account different from the source account will appear as a FEE transaction.
  • A type: "PAYIN" parameter has been added to the body of the the Pay-in Review and Pay-in Completed webhooks.

17th November 2020

  • Get Payin Details endpoint has been added allowing the sender details of a Payin to be retrieved.
  • Get Basic Quotes endpoint has been added for retrieving indicated exchange rates for 1 or more currency pairs.
  • A bic field has been introduced on the Bank Account Object and will be returned in the Get Bank Accounts request. This field provides the same value as the existing swiftCode field. Note: The swiftCode field is now scheduled for removal on 1st December 2020.
  • An optional paymentTypes parameter has been added to the Validate Beneficiary endpoint allowing beneficiaries to be validated for a specific payment type only.
  • A currencyExcluding filter has been added to the List Accounts endpoint allowing accounts in specified currencies to be excluded from the search results.
  • A shortId filter has been added to the List Transactions endpoint allowing transactions to be searched by their shortId.
  • The structure of the List Bank Beneficiaries endpoint has been updated. The previous endpoint will also continue to be accessible but not available on the documentation.